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May 28, 2009

This is how lazy (tired is maybe the polite word?) that I am.

I have pages and pages and scraps of paper and about a million and one ideas on things I want to blog about. But typing them seems SO very hard. Sad, I know.

Even worse? People keep asking me to blog…and I still don’t get off (technically ON my ass in my chair in the closet room) to do so. I am a bum. Got it. And kindof okay with it.

And also, I am apparently not smart enough to blog “succesfully”. People also assume (ass=u+me and all that) that because I work for a computer company that I am a technical genius with a dollop of goddess on top and some turbo geek on the side. Not so my friends. (Reality check? I do event planning people. No code or building required. My fave tech solution? Turn it off and turn it back on. If that fails, a light smack. And make sure it’s plugged in. That’s all I got folks.)

Were I smart enough to be a goddess-titled worthy blogger, I would know how to respond to simple requests. Most popular? Include photos in blog and offer a subscribe option. Yeah…not so much. I would be more than happy to accomodate the thunderous roars of my fans (the whole 5 of you  are fairly loud) but I just can’t. I’m open to suggestions. Should anyone wish to impart any knowledge, feel free.

I, personally, love the idea of a whole but, alas, they keep talking about hosting and domains and all that. Hmmm? And my husband, who is rather technically and geek gifted, is out of town currently.

And then they talk about rss feeds and then my attention span, which has been likened to a  hyper-active flea on speed, goes out.

Wishing I was smarter for you guys…

P.S. I just figured out how to add tags. And aren’t even sure if they are Correct. Categories? A little unclear on all that.

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