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My Outlook Keeps Me Humble (if my daughter didn’t do a good enough job already)

June 5, 2009

First things first, I still have not gone up in flames. I’m sure you are all relieved. For those that are confused, read previous blogand then immediately begin feeling relief. (My fave thing I forgot to mention about the instructions? After I follow all steps I am supposed to email them the required info. How do I do that after taking my laptop apart? It’s almost as good as the conference call I was on the other day where they said to raise our hands if we had a question. Ummm…okay.)

On to the point of the blog, although I don’t really have one. And I currently am squinting at the screen and am crabby due to a migraine so don’t get your hopes up too high for anything terribly (remotely?) amusing. Consider yourself warned.

My Outlook thinks I am junk. No lie. Every time I reply all or send out  meeting notice and include myself or send out to a group-my email goes straight to my junk folder. One would think my laptop would be smart enough to recognize that since I am the sender and receiver, I am  not junk. Personally, I think my Outlook is trying to keep my humble. Prevent me from getting too full of myself and the nice things that people send to me complimenting me on my blog (people actually do this-it’s lovely). So Outlook is doing its’ part to keep me from getting a big head. I’m cool with that.

On another note along the same lines, I am no longer craving shoes and purses. I have moved on to wanting a logo, my own website (which I am not smart enough to figure out per a previous blog), a publisher, editor, and crowds of people that think I am funny and bring me my own personal six pack of champagne in a can. (This happened when I went to a Jen Lancaster signing and really pushed me over the edge from being an admirer of her books to being a trifle envious. The girl called them Capri Sun for grown ups. I think it’s genius).

So for the first time ever, I don’t really want any shoes. Ever seen a show/movie/book (pain effects my memory) where they woohoo and make a joke that they were done and had reached the end of the internet? Imagine that. But with shoes. I honestly think I’m done. There are sometimes pairs I see that I like but as I already have shoes with jeweled frogs and flowers and bows and polka dots and stripes and doohickies that wrap around your ankles and pretty much anything else you can think of, so I don’t really know what’s left. (Other than lucite stripper heels and as this was also mentioned in a previous blog-I am not taking up stripping). I’m sure they lady I buy the majority of my shoes from at Belk will be quite sad.

But really? I want to make my own site and add cool stuff and photos. This would be significantly easier if I possessed even a tiny bit of skill at listening to/reading/following instructions. If I can’t figure it out on my own, I lose interest. I was telling my sweet hubby what I wanted to do and he started telling me about this server he wanted for the house that would host sites and photos and I could password protect them and…okay, I kindof zoned out after that. But it will be cool. And probably involve more than 5 minutes of instruction. I’ll never be able to make that happen. Just being honest here folks.

Assuming my head quits hurting and I don’t get set on fire soon, I’m hoping I can screw around here on my own enough to figure out how to put in pics and allow people to subscribe at least. But please don’t hold your breath.

P.S. I just ran spellcheck. Wow. Pain also effects my spelling, it was dreadful. I even stumped spellcheck a few times, my renditions of words were so far off.

So going to bed. Maybe I’ll be funny tomorrow. Or, J and I are taking a road trip next week and that’s always promising.

P.P.S. I know I promised some of you a blog about me camping and meeting Jen Lancaster. So two blogs. Working on it (them).

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