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October 26, 2009

So I have been slacking. Couple of reasons.

Apparently my husband being out-of-town renders me completely unmotivated and useless. Second? I have TOO many ideas in my head if that makes ANY sense at all. I swear sometimes I think I am mildly ADD—oh look, something shiny. What was I saying? (Note: my tendency to follow shiny things is what led to me getting lost in Paris, unable to hail a cab like you can most places in the world, unable to use a payphone due to needing some kind of card, and therefore causing my mother to be convinced I had been kidnapped by gypsies and would never be seen again. My dad was fairly certain they’d bring me back. Anyhoo, followed something shiny 10plus years ago and my mother still gives me crap about it on occasion.)

Third…See what I mean? I totally had a third reason. And it’s gone, poof!

Maybe it will come to me later. At any rate, sorry to those of you who have been checking in and finding not a darn new thing.

Fyi, as soon as I start getting ideas/stories/incidents down here-don’t think you’re confused. I’ll probably be bouncing around a bit and telling tales as I think of them, not so much chronologically. I’m sort of a whatever strikes me as funny at any given moment kind of writing gal.

There SHOULD be a new exercise/boot camp related one tomorrow and mention of my award of which I am so very proud.

Also, I posted a new pic. I was all dressed up shiny and clean last night to cover the deb ball for the magazine and thought hey, I need a new blog pic so my sweet hubby helped out. (Although he’ll never see it as he doesn’t read my blog.) I have been lusting after Kelly Rutherford’s hair on Gossip Girl for 2.whatever seasons now and have, sadly, come to the realization that her hairdresser will probably not come live with me (more motivation to become somewhat famous writer-maybe they will get me a hair stylist and I’ll never have to blow dry my own damn hair again.  Either that or I am starting a collection of wigs.) It seems I am capable of working a headband, will wonders never cease, so I am channeling a little Blair Waldorf sans tights and flats.

Check back soon…and thanks.

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  1. December 1, 2009 12:05 AM

    I have always want to be able to rock a headband…

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