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BlogHer 10-Party Down, Dudettes

August 18, 2010

Parties at BlogHer may have been the thing I was MOST clueless about as a newbie. I had registered for Cheeseburgher, SocialLuxe, Sparklecorn and The People’s Party and was pretty pleased with myself-thought I was done.

I had NO clue. Soon it turned into this totally overwhelming situation that left lots of people, me included, feeling left out. Not unlike when you and your third grade bff have a fight and you are suddenly off the list from the coolest princess/ice skating/sky diving birthday party EVER.

Which, to me, it sort of defeated the purpose of BlogHer-an event that I had thought was ALL about the community feel. Part one of my review is here if you haven’t read it. Go check it out, I’ll wait.

Back? Okay. So I’ll talk about the parties in order that I attended. I did get invited to The Martha Stewart Party, an Open Sky event and some video game thing that I couldn’t make. And no, I have no clue why I received invites.

Started out with the Crazi Beautiful I Heart NY party-this was BY FAR the BEST party we went to. Casual, most of the hosts were nice and it was held at the beautiful Warwick hotel which had a killer terrace. (I have a lovely photo of me on the terrace that you can imagine to be inserted here. Ronda hasn’t taken it off her camera yet.)

The swag was the best, the hosts actually WANTED to meet you for the most part. We got a full jar of Nu Skin treatment, a gorgeous Lisa Leonard bracelet and a full airbrush makeup system from Luminess all wrapped up in an awesome orange tote from Hobo International. (There were other goodies too that I can’t remember now.) The only downside was they only had one makeup artists color matching but other people stepped in to help so it was fixed quickly. This party was REALLY the most well-done.

Side-note: There were a few “big” bloggers I’ve been reading and commenting on forever that I was totally turned off by their behavior. One, who I’ve even messaged with, refused to speak to me because she was too busy shoving in front of other people to get swag saying she was tres importante and had other places to be. (Okay, so she didn’t actually SAY that but it was how it came across.) However, Ronda and I then saw her storming out of a side door at SocialLuxe with swag bags while we were waiting in line-almost like she was on a mad city-wide quest for free stuff. It was just rude and it ruined her blogs for me.

So that brings me to SocialLuxe…I thought the location was a bit far and was not enthused by waiting in line for thirty minutes while I sweated to death. They were trying to get people in by handing out nametags but then you still had to be checked at the door. Seems like the name tag passers could have checked and not given you your tag if you didn’t check out. Immediately they gave us our goodie bags which were in adorable totes. They also gave us our one drink ticket. After hoofing it across NYC and waiting in line, personally I feel we deserved more than one. The  location, while beautiful and chic, did not seem big enough at all for the attendees and companies that were there. Particularly when people were trying to barrel their way through with giant totes. I never did see where they were doing the manicures and massages. The atmosphere was pretty exclusive. People seemed snooty and not into interacting. I have no clue who won most of the BlogLuxe awards because you couldn’t hear anything. Stride Rite did have a fun little photo thing. But the swag wasn’t all that. I was jazzed about the gift card from 1-800-Flowers and the Strivectin product but other than that, I don’t think I took much home from this party. Oh, the custom binders you could design in advance and pick up on site were provided from Avery and were awesome.

Then I headed to the AOL party, you can read about the pedicab mishaps here. Okay, not to be ugly but I didn’t even know AOL was still around. But when I won a spot at their party, I was excited as it sounded like fun. I’m not sure if it was crazy far from the hotel or not due to the above referenced insane pedicab ride but the location was lovely. This party was also really well done. They had a fun vintagey photo thing set up, people were passing drinks, there were NO drink tickets involved (I can’t help it, I just think drink tickets are very declasse.) and Marcus Samuelson from Top Chef Masters was cooking for the crowd. I also got a manicure at this party. Of course, I ended up in a corner on a couch talking to a hilarious gay man because that’s how I roll. I go to a conference that’s 95% women and end up with the one guy at the party. I had a good time.

I think we went to The People’s Party after that? We were late so there wasn’t really much food left but we DID get to talk to some people we had been wanting to see, so that was nice. This was the party were the bartender hated us and was bogarting the water. Not water bottles, water in a pitcher. Then we went to…

The Shick Kiss and Tell party. I was excited for this one. Gavin DeGraw was playing and I was hoping for some free razors. Okay, I was MORE excited about the free razors. But…we went to the wrong place. After sending 50 million emails with the OLD party address they sent one email with the NEW one. So we didn’t make it. Bummer.

Friday night, we went to Wicked. But before that we stopped by the BlogHer gala and art auction. They had some cool things going on and a random room full of balloons. I enjoyed that. Also Jenny the Bloggess was writing poems about people. She wrote a super FUNNY one about me…and then I stalked her a little at the Chesseburgher party. You know what? I’m going to post about that on its own because it also involves my fear of shower curtains , my nipples and my dislike of condiments.

So TOMORROW I will post about The Bloggess, Cheeseburgher, Sparklecorn and an exciting contest I won mainly due to cocktails, laziness and a overinflated self view.

Did you go to parties? What did you think?

(Also, I swear to waffles I am working on returning comments. Really.)

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  1. August 18, 2010 6:34 AM

    Only two of those events were official BlogHer events, the People’s Party and the Gala. I went to all of the official events and a couple small off-site events. The official events were definitely more inclusive. The Thursday night parties were a little boring, but I think that’s because that is when most of the off-site stuff was happening. The Thursday night events felt more like networking events. The Saturday night parties were a blast, though, particularly Sparklecorn.

  2. August 18, 2010 8:49 PM

    Um…Not to be all catty, but I want to know who was being such an assbag! Okay, so I am being catty. Who the freak cares.

    I am hanging on every word of your BlogHer posts. Your reviews are the best, the absolute best.

    And don’t worry about replying. I’m over my head right now, too.

    Well . . . unless you want to, you know, tell me names.

  3. August 19, 2010 12:52 PM

    As one of the hostesses of the Nu Skin|Crazi Beautiful I heart New York suite I am glad to read about your experience. It was our first party and it seems like you took home the right impression. I know I was busy greeting at the door and wish I could have visited with all of our guests more. I am so happy you were pleased with the event overall. I hope to chat with you further via blogs and now twitter since I JUST barely started following you. Not sure how I missed you before.

    Also if you want to link up over on our event site I know our sponsors and everyone involved in the party would love to read about it.

  4. August 20, 2010 10:23 AM

    Didn’t you LOVE wicked? It’s my fave play ever!

  5. August 30, 2010 4:14 PM

    hi amy! just wanted to say we’re so happy you were able to attend SocialLuxe! Allison, Marie and I work really hard on SocialLuxe because, well, we think y’all deserve to have a little fun away from home. Am so happy to hear you enjoyed the StriVectin, 1-800-Flowers card and the Avery binder! Sorry you missed manicures and massages!

    As for the wait and the large swag bags, I wrote a post last week explaining why registration was set up the way it was We really did do our best, apologize profusely for any inconvenience anyone experienced, and will work to make it better next year.

    Best wishes! 🙂

    • amyblam permalink*
      September 7, 2010 5:51 PM

      I saw the post and think it was awesome you guys addressed it-hope I’ll be able to come next year!


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