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Friday Flip-Offs 10/22

October 22, 2010

Good morning(ish) peeps! It’s a gorgeous day and I LOVE fall aka sweater and boot weather. But, no worries, I still have things that irked me.

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But, first, here’s mine:

York, PA I would like to give you multiple fingers dipped in gluten and fried. I forget how much those Yankees (hello, I was born in PA) love their fried food, pizza, wings and bars. There was pretty much nowhere I could eat in your town so we went to Applebee’s and I HATE eating at chains when we travel.

To stores, particularly the ones at the Arundel Mills outlet-I give you two middle fingers wrapped like sausages in super tight too small spandex. WHY are the only clothes at outlets of the extra extra small  and quadruple 0 variety? Ummm…seems to me if everything you have left over is size 6 or smaller than perhaps you are not stocking to your market.

Two middle fingers wrapped in cuteness and new baby smells go to people that keep posting pictures of puppies and babies on facebook. I think these things are adorable which makes me want them and I don’t NEED either of those things. My hubs has a theory that babies and puppies are cute because when time began they weren’t-so people would eat them, make clothes out of them, leave them to fend for themselves, etc.  God was all, well clearly this isn’t working-let cuteness abound. (I’m cool with him being nicer than me, despite it being annoying, but I can’t handle it when he’s funnier than I am.)

A middle finger wrapped in a rebel flag to the Yankified people that can’t understand me. Ummm…really? I was born in PA, most of my family is there, I say pop but really? When I say Amy you need me to repeat three times because you “can’t understand that accent?” Really? I don’t live in a foreign country, just the South. (Lovely Ann Taylor lady who called my accent charming, this is not directed at you.)

Speaking of Ann Taylor, a middle finger that’s choking to death to your lovely mohair ivory sweater. You were beauteous with your mild cowl neck and random pintuck pleat to create a nice drape BUT I tried you on two days ago and swear to jeebus that I am still pulling your fuzzies out of my throat, nose and eyes. AND I have showered TWICE since then. For reals.

I’m giving myself sparkle middle fingers for being MIA on the internets. This week, I should return to normally scheduled programming and be posting regularly and reading all the awesome blogs and commenting. I’m also hoping to add all my Tribe members to my reader/Twitter and start plowing through blogs of people I met at Blogher.

Lastly, a million serious middle fingers go to internet bullies/trolls. On twitter the other day, I noticed someone had taken over the mammavation twitter stream and set up an account just to harass this one woman. A few weeks ago a mom who just lost her baby was ruthlessly attacked by strangers. Seriously? I know lots of bloggers who get hateful comments and messages-I got one the other day. But? People need to get lives and leave people alone. Ever heard the phrase vote with your feet? Try it with your mouse. If you don’t like someone or something they have to say-it’s pretty easy to use that little browser up there and go elsewhere.

And before I forget, my fave comment of the week was this:

“Bravo should send you some kind of fee for sitting through RHODC. I cancelled it on my DVR after week 2 and never looked back. All of their deep voices, and that one chick, with the weird dimples and stupid stories about the Kennedy’s were enough to turn me off permanently. And that is really saying something. I’ll watch ANYTHING.”

That’s courtesy of Andrea at Confessions of a Conflicted Mean Girl. And ya’ll? She’s hilarious. This was my first encounter with her and I checked out her blog and I sparkle heart her. Her most recent blog post talks about a middle school sex ed class and her sixth grade boyfriend. Go. Now. Please. (Actually go there immediately after sharing with me what you’re flipping off this week.)

SO…what are you flipping off this week?

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  1. October 22, 2010 9:30 AM

    bullies of any kind are total jerks.

  2. October 22, 2010 9:30 AM

    I’m honored to be the selected commenter. Thanks for the shout out.

    Now, as instructed, my flip-offs:

    To our IT guy who can’t seem to figure out my network login connection so I can get things done from home and it’s an enormous waste of my time.

    To one of the ladies in my daughters daycare class. She tried to tell me my kid (she’s almost 8 months) won’t eat vegetables because I got her all hopped up on strawberry yogurt and now she won’t eat anything else. First of all lady, there is nothing wrong with strawberry yogurt. Second, I didn’t ask your opinion about what order food should be introduced. It’s not your place! If I send her with a jar of melted chocolate and tell you that’s what she’s gonna eat, then that’s what she’s gonna eat. Third, she eats sweet potatoes and that’s vegetables so back off.

  3. Shawna Schmitz permalink
    October 22, 2010 9:58 AM

    I am flipping off the stupid what to expect books this week and myself. No one told me I would encourage my children to throw up on me instead of the white carpet because I am easier to clean. It’s gross and I can’t believe I actively say “try and aim for the bedding if you can’t make it to the bathroom.”
    And what kind of dumbass has white carpet with three children? Oh yeah – ME.

  4. October 22, 2010 11:15 AM

    OMG Shawna your comment made me laugh out loud!! Been there. Done that. And as far as stupid people’s stupid comments, well Amy – might I just say that when I am criticized for sounding too “Texan” I just lay it on thicker. I’ve been in Michigan for 9 years and really don’t have much of an accent anyway, but seriously? You can’t figure out what Ya’ll means?

    No worries about your week, I’m almost relieved because I’ve been MIA too. Have a great weekend.

  5. October 22, 2010 11:40 AM

    Next time you go to Arundel Mills, you better make sure to email me or something. We can go shopping for super tiny clothes together. (Seriously why is everything so tiny?)

  6. cornflakegirl74 permalink
    October 24, 2010 10:12 AM

    I would like to flip off Cablevision, not only for the on-going conflict with Fox Five and Channel 9, but because they have raised my monthly rate by $40, now that my one-year promo rate is over.

    Great flips as always!

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