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Internets, I hate you

February 13, 2011

There were no flip offs on Friday. I mean, there were but they weren’t published.
Between the freakishly slow hotel internet and me sleeping till 11, I missed the boat so to speak.
Tomorrow I have to write for work but later in the day, and in honor of St. Valentine and massacres and the like, I’m planning to write about my worst date ever.
It’s a doozy. Involves a black tie event and golf cleats.
Ponder away…

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  1. February 13, 2011 6:14 PM

    Love it already. Can’t wait to hear the story 🙂

  2. Ginny permalink
    February 13, 2011 6:40 PM

    Awesome! My worst date ever involved a 5’4″ leprechaun of a man and waaaay too much UNINVITED tongue in my face. Good times, good times. Can’t wait to hear your story!

  3. February 13, 2011 7:04 PM

    You slept til 11? Sick? Dayum.

    I hope the cleats play a huge part up someones ass. Maybe??

  4. February 15, 2011 10:46 AM

    Okay I’m going to need to hear this story now please. It sounds like it could have been painful.

  5. February 15, 2011 11:22 PM

    I cannot wait to hear this story!

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