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Stars on my pants

September 27, 2011

The other night, J and I went to one of my favorite fundraisers-Moon Over Three Caves.

At Moon Over Three Caves, they put glow necklaces out at everyone’s seat because it’s at caves, it’s dark and they’re, well, glowy.

I was wearing a silk Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top-my fave new item of clothing with a Lilly Tusk Tusk cuff, dark denim jeans and gold wedges. Because wedges are totally “cave casual attire.” (Until there are hills of gravel. That doesn’t work out so well.) And I was carrying Louis. After the Selena Gomez concert, he’s starting to warm up to outdoor venues.

We had a great time with some good friends and the weather was beautiful.

When I went home, I took my yellow glow necklace with me. I was playing with it in the car, rolling it around and trying to even out the bubbles-because I’m OCD.

All of a sudden, I looked down at my pants and said, “Huh. There are stars on my pants.” I looked around seeing if they were shining in from the sunroof or reflecting in from the glass. I was unable to select a source for my pants o’ stars.

Until J started giggling. My glow stick had ruptured and leaked it’s neon yellow glowiness all over my hands and pants.

My brain, warm from two glasses of red wine and not used to alcohol due to my diet (more on that later) decided the easy answer was, of course, stars shining on my pants.

And then commenced the squealing and the “Help! Help! It’s not stars so please don’t let it get drippy on Louis or my bracelet or my silk top.”

 The picture really doesn’t fully convey the complete panic/extent of the messiness.

J moved with speed that would have made you think I was on FIRE rather than spazzing out about a glow stick.

Anyone know these things could explode? Ya’ll should have warned me.

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  1. September 27, 2011 7:18 AM

    You could have sparked a new fashion trend!

  2. allison permalink
    October 12, 2011 7:42 AM

    On the 4th, I watched a child (not my own) rupture one of these in her mouth. Her teeth glowed a gorgeous shade of green.

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