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Wednesday Whatnots…

December 28, 2011

Well, it is almost Thursday which is fine because I spent all day convinced it was Tuesday. But it’s not. I also spent the majority of the day believing it to be the year 2012 meaning we had, in fact, survived the Mayan end of the world and were about to celebrate 2013 which just sounds like a fun year. You can imagine my disappointment.

Other than that, I have been in a bit of a funkity funk because a. Christmas is over and that always gives me the sads and b. my sister moved to Virginia. More on that later as I do not want to tear up and cry off my just applied Latisse.

In other news, Taylor Lautner came out today:

Okay, the cover is a TOTAL fake but unfortunately people didn’t realize it until after attractive gay men everywhere started having flash mobs of happy dances-shirtless, natch and 50-year-old women hung themselves en masse from their “Team Jacob” t-shirts. What? It tickled me. Since it turns out that him being gay isn’t to blame for he and Kristin Stewart’s awful chemistry in the Twilight Saga, we’ll have to assume it’s just because she’s plain awful and constantly looks like something smells bad.

In other random things that tickled me today, J and I took Clifford to Pet Smart for a bath. While waiting for him to dry, we perused the store and came across pet moss balls. I honestly think this is one of the very best things I’ve ever seen and really enjoyed how some of them were stationary, some of them were bouncing about like tumbleweeds and some were, we choose to believe, mating. I mean, how else do you get baby balls of moss?

The very very very BEST part of this, which you could read for yourself if my photo wasn’t so awful, is that for  experience level they are marked “beginner.” How hard can it be to keep alive a wad of moss that’s submerged in water? Is it like a test? If your moss balls live for three months, you can move up to a goldfish?

Annndddd…that’s pretty much all I have for today. I’m sitting here in fleecy polka dot pj’s and a tiara which is helping to lift my spirits but think I’ll head to bed before it’s Friday, I mean Thursday.

What’s tickled you lately?

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  1. Kimmy permalink
    December 29, 2011 12:36 AM

    I love you Ames and you still crack me up!! So enjoy reading your blogs (and FB posts)! Keep it up girl! Miss you much! Kimmy

  2. December 29, 2011 11:48 AM

    I love that you’re wearing a tiara with your PJs. I’d wear a tiara too if it was as comfortable as my PJs. Tell me when they invest a tiara that looks like diamonds but is made out of fleece.

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