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Fish may get us kicked out of this hotel

January 19, 2012

It would surprise many of you to know, that no, my family does not often (read ever) get kicked out of places. In fact, the last TWO times I was kicked out of somewhere they weren’t involved in the slightest.

The most recent time was several years ago at a Gap in Birmingham when I called an employee gay and the manager said we don’t allow that kind of talk. Despite the fact that the employee had said to me he was “a big old fag” and agreed with me that yes, jeans should not be cut so low that your clitoris hangs out. The Gap is not as hip and understanding as they would like you to believe. The employee was not at ALL offended and probably would have defended me had he not been collapsed in giggles in the fitting room next to a mountain of unsuitable, clitoris exposing jeans.

The time before that I was kicked out of a country western bar in Huntsville while I was in college and my sister was in high school and dating a boy I liked to call Rodeo Bob. This was the kind of bar they let teenagers go to and I got in trouble for (barely) underage drinking. (How else do you make a country western bar with old people line dancing and 16 year olds thinking they’re cool bearable?) I’m pleased as spiked punch to say she broke up with him not too long after as, hi we called him Rodeo Bob TO HIS FACE and he was clueless. He actually thought he was going to be invited to my wedding-the first one at any rate. I am sure by the second he had given up any delusions or I would hope so as I never liked him in the first place. (My sister should have listened to me. She should also set up a blog.)

Regardless, I am fairly certain we may be well on our way to being kicked out of the hotel we are currently inhabiting. I love hotel life. I work in the morning, screw off on the internet, ride the stationary bike, get in the hot tub and schedule my activities around what time the hotel puts out the fresh cookies and what time the manager’s reception with free wine starts. I could totally live in a hotel. They have people to change your sheets. If they just had someone to come blowdry my hair I wouldn’t have to want a sister-wife anymore. They even have people to DRIVE me places-if I wasn’t so much of a control freak I could stand to schedule the courtesy shuttle.

Last night I had to miss the free cookies and wine because I was hiding from a super annoying person and, no, I am not married to him. I should see if they will deliver to my room…

This hotel also has a fish pond which bratchild loves. Also? Children will do anything for money. This is important to know going into this.

J: I will give you $10 if you can catch one of those fish.
Bratchild: Really? I totally will.
J: Really. Catch a fish and I will give you the cash.
Bratchild: general squeals of excitement.
Me: You know she’s totally going to fall in the pond trying to catch a fish with her bare hands.
J: Uh, yeah. She’s going to have to get in the pond to catch the fish. That’s kind of the point.
Me: We’re totally going to get kicked out of this hotel.
J: And it will be well worth it…and the ten dollars.

Stay tuned…the fish are circling like they know something is up.

 How does my spellcheck not recognize sister-wife and bratchild at this point in time? My phone totally does. Plus, it can text predict Nordstrom for me…

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  1. January 19, 2012 8:05 AM

    You are right about hotel life. Some people yearn for a condo, but my goal is to downsize straight into a hotel room. Imagine a kitchen with only a minibar and coffee maker. Perfect.

    Thanks for the hilarious post.

  2. Miss (the sister) permalink
    January 19, 2012 8:54 AM

    Did you not get kicked out of one of the german restaurants in town? I vaguely remember you yelling at them…..(poor rodeo bob, he thought that term was endearing)

    • AmyBlam permalink*
      January 20, 2012 2:09 PM

      You were with me. They didn’t kick us out, just asked if we’d rather east at the italian place next door…but them we got free dessert.

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