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This morning I was just like Marky Mark in The Fighter

February 13, 2012

I am up early posting this blog. I didn’t cheat and post it the night before and schedule it so I could pretend I am a person who can function properly before 9:30 a.m. Oh no, I was up at 5 a.m. when it was a whopping 20 degrees outside so I could make my first day back at Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp for Women. I’m a little pissed off at Mother Nature because she decided to make it cold on the day when I am going to be up and semi-functional. We haven’t had much of a winter till today. Seriously.

This is a lie. I hate bouncing.

I am taking the chance to write this now while I am not yet sore and still have mobility. Come tomorrow I won’t be able to use stairs, sit down to pee or type.

But yes, I was totally like Marky Mark in The Fighter today. I wore a hooded sweatshirt-it was that cold peeps. We did squats and used those rubber things with handles and, yes, we did the hated Burpees. Joe told me I did them better in my boots which is probably true since flat shoes throw me off the tiny amount of “game” and coordination I possess. I think it’s why I can’t bowl. Well, that and the used shoes creep me out. I sure hope Joe disinfect those rubber handle things upon occasion. Must remember to ask. I don’t know why people work out in hoodies. With all the bouncing and moving around, I kept getting smacked in the face with the strings and the balls of knots on the end. It was rather uncomfortable.

I just googled this picture and noticed that Marky Mark removed his string ball things. Thanks for the tip. Where’s your funky bunch now asshat?

If Marky Mark doesn't look hot while working out-how are the rest of us supposed to? It's like David Beckham in tightie whities-if he can't make that hot, no one can. Men take note.

I didn’t, despite my lack of coordination, fall over at any point in time though it was pretty touch and go especially when we had to bend over, stretch out one leg and stretch our arms out-I know it sounds like something from the Kama Sutra but it’s exercise. Were I trying to have sex in that manner, I am fairly sure someone would die. And then Joe actively tried to kill us when we had to do spiderman push ups. From watching other people, I gathered that it’s when you do push ups while pulling one leg up to your side. Because I wasn’t interested in breaking my nose, I did normal push ups on my knees. Joe always says you should get your chest to the ground while doing push ups but he also suggests bustier chicks double up on sports bras. WHICH DO YOU WANT JOE? If I go bra-less, I can easily get my chest to the ground. He’s so serious about it he even emailed us a video. It says your breasts could move up to 8 inches during exercise. Mine must be over-achievers since I have almost smacked myself in the face before.

Tomorrow, assuming I can move, I will post about our Valentine celebration with a drag queen, Tupperware and pancakes.

Now I have a form to fill out with my measurements which Joe suggested I do on-air Thursday. I’m contemplating it.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? (And it IS totally lame but I am all about any excuse for a present.)

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  1. February 13, 2012 8:45 AM

    Hrmm, Valentine’s Day celebration with a drag queen … sounds like a fierce time was had.

    My Valentine’s? Well, I work 3p-11p and will be dateless. Again. I think a thinly veiled bottle of Bailey’s-laced coffee and a pair of ridiculous shoes are in my future.

    After all, I am my own Valentine this year – I gotta get this bitch something good.

    (As it turns out, I’m a very demanding Valentine. Books, coffee, glittery shoes and chocolate don’t come cheap this time of year.)

    • AmyBlam permalink*
      February 13, 2012 8:46 AM

      AT LEAST you know you’ll get something good and not some stuffed animal or bad chocolate. I love to buy my own gifts personally.

  2. February 13, 2012 8:39 PM

    I am so impressed with your workout! I keep meaning to start, but I don’t think I could do it in 20 degree weather.
    For Valentine’s Day, my husband is going to make his amazingly delicious jambalaya for the whole family. It tastes better than any restaurant, he gives great service, and I won’t be regretting the meal in a few weeks when the credit card bill comes. The downside is I’ll probably be the one doing the dishes. Hopefully the kids won’t have too much homework & they’ll do them for me.

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