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Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a drag queen, tupperware and pancakes

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day. Again, I know it’s pretty silly but I am all over any excuse for gifts. In fact, I have been buying myself presents for about two weeks now. Mainly from Etsy. Maybe I’ll post about that later this week…

Anyhoo, the hubs and I have never spent a Valentine’s together so this year was a first. I thought it only fitting to drag a drag queen in on the occasion. Saturday night we went to Merrimack Hall, an amazing place, to see Dixie’s Tupperware Party. Because I am thoughtful like that, I didn’t share these plans with him until after he finished driving home from Maryland. I didn’t want to ruin the moment. You know, the one of magic and romance when he found out we were going to see a drag queen for VDay.

When we got there, we had to pick a random numbered name tag and put our names on it. I was SUPER excited because I knew that could only mean ONE thing-PRIZES!

This revelation had me immediately quietly squealing to my husband, “Oooh prizes. I love prizes, even though the only thing I ever win is auctions. WHY AREN’T YOU GETTING A NUMBER? Don’t you want to WIN? I never win, except auctions, please please PLEASE get a number.”
His response? “No. And you don’t win at auctions, you just spend the most.”
Me: (in horror) “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? eBay tells me I am a winner all the time. And I win at silent auctions. Thanks. You just hurt my feelers.”
J: “Sorry baby. I’m a little crabby. Worked all week, spent today in the car and got to come home to go to a show.”
Me: “Hmph. I am a winner.”

And then, lo and behold MY NUMBER was the first one called and I got to go up on that stage with Ms. Dixie Longate herself. And it was hysterical and so much fun! When I returned to my seat, we had this discussion:
Me: “SEE?! I AM a winner.”
J: “Please. You were a total plant.”
Me: “NO. I won. Did you get a picture?”
J: “No. They said no photography.”
Me: “Whatever. They said that in Vegas too when we went to see Penn & Teller and when you got on stage I totally took a picture AND got yelled at by the large bouncer security man.”**
J: “Yeah, I totally forgot about that.”

Now, having never have been to a Tupperware party and I am pretty sure never owning any because let’s be honest it would just get filled with glitter, glue and paint and I know they offer a lifetime warranty but I doubt sparkles are in the acceptable reasons to send shit back list, I didn’t know really what to expect. My fave item? My absolute FAVE? Dixie’s favorite was a corkscrew, she said it was the closest we’d ever get to baby Jesus coming back to Earth but my FAVORITE was the Pick A Deli. Because oh my God how I love pickles. But I HATE sticking my fingers in the cold, smelly juice. This has a strainer thing so you can pick them up and not have your fingers smell like ass. In retrospect, I should have ordered one but I was too excited about WINNING.

Afterwards, obviously, I had a craving for the old International House of Pancakes. Because my tummy does not share my enthusiasm for IHOP, I spent the rest of the evening feeling poorly and whining-more than normal.

Have you ever been to a Tupperware party? I’m starting to feel like a freak that I’ve been in the South for 33 years and never attended one.

** Had I been thrown out of the show, it would not have been the first time, I was escorted out of somewhere in Vegas.



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  1. February 14, 2012 9:26 AM

    My grandmother had one of those pickle things when I was growing up! I think my mom has one too! I had no idea they still made them! I want one! You should have a Tupperware party… I would come.

    • AmyBlam permalink*
      February 14, 2012 9:41 AM

      I don’t know that I like enough people to invite them over for a Tupperware party.

  2. Angie Smith permalink
    February 14, 2012 9:40 AM

    Tupperware parties went through a major overhaul when the company started opening up those tacky little kiosk things, selling T’ware in the mall. Not that your average Tupperware party didn’t smack of tacky, but…
    You shop Etsy?? I love their stuff. My future daughter in law has a shop in Etsy.

    • AmyBlam permalink*
      February 14, 2012 9:42 AM

      ALL the time, I am so addicted to Etsy. What’s her shop?

      • Angie Smith permalink
        February 14, 2012 10:12 AM

        It’s, Christy Sawyer. She makes the most fabulous girl super hero drawings. They’re all posed with martini glasses, or the like. My favorite is Bat Girl in a claw foot tub. “After a hard night of fighting crime”. I’ve never seen anything quite like her stuff.

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