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The breath of hell will live in our foyer

March 9, 2012

I’ve spoken before about my enthrallment with Pinterest and the fact that it may turn me into a minty breath drunk. (For real, if anyone wants to send me bottle caps, corks or Altoid tins, that would be amazing and probably keep me out of rehab. Though after seeing a commercial for Passages I am not sure rehab is such a bad place. There’s massages, arts and crafts time and you are SUPPOSED to talk about yourself. )

ANYWAYS-The other day J posted this on my Facebook page as many of our conversations start with guess what I saw on Pinterest.

I came across this fabulous bust with moss hair and butterflies and was all OHMYWORDIMUSTHAVETHISNOW. (The squealing is a contributing factor as to why he thinks I need a Pintervention.)

I feel like I should warn you that finding a bust is a. harder than you think, b. more expensive than you would think and c. leads to questionable results in your internet searches. Had I been searching for a mesh French maid’s uniform or a plaster kit to cast my own boobs, I would have been set. After accidentally seeing lots of boobs, I FINALLY found a website with a good selection and reasonable prices. The only one that really fit my requirements was a bust of Prosperina and, despite a childhood obsession with mythology, I couldn’t remember who she was.

Me: Who’s Prosperina? I want to say she’s the Roman equivalent of Persephone.
J: Okay, that sounds right.
Me: Well, who is she? I’m ordering her to live in our foyer so I don’t want her to be evil or anything. BUT Persephone was good, right? I mean I know she’s Queen of the Underworld but it’s not her fault. She was kidnapped and in Percy Jackson and the Olympians she totally helped the kids escape.
J: Ummm, yeah. She started out good but now she’s like the chilly breath of hell or something.
Me: Huh. Having the chilly breath of hell live in our foyer is actually probably pretty apropos. Nothing says welcome like the Queen of the Underworld greeting you. It’s very abandon hope all who enter here. Maybe I’ll put that on our next wreath. Hopefully it will at least cut down on the Mormons and the sales people.

So my head in a box arrived and I am thrilled. Will share a finished picture after she’s “jacked up.”

Are you working on any happy home decor crafty things?

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  1. Allison Caputo permalink
    March 12, 2012 2:03 PM

    I thought I was the only Percy Jackson Geek. 🙂

  2. Charlotte permalink
    March 29, 2012 3:53 PM

    I love it! I totally want a bust of my own. Ugh, that doesn’t sound so good. You know what I mean. I love the green moss and butterflies look. Are you going to decorate yours the same way?

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